"AdWords Help Through Quality Score Improvements"

Econsultancy rates paid search marketing as one of the top 3 most effective marketing channels for return on investment, but still 44% of advertisers struggle with poor to average performance.

Today’s advanced search engine marketing platforms were scarcely imagined when most of us where in school, so many executives and managers struggle to find effective AdWords help in terms of campaign strategy, keyword selection, and ROI optimization.

AdWords by itself is not a self correcting performance driven platform, it takes expert AdWords management to turn it into one.

Of the many paid search key performance indicators to pay attention to, quality score is essential measure for managers to track and to improve to impact cost and effectiveness.

A recent study indicated that as many as 36% of the people who click on paid search ads did not think they were advertisements. How did Google develop such effective advertising? They give discounts to advertisers whose ads are more engaging and quality score is the top line measure engagement effectiveness.

Advertisers who select the right keywords, develop engaging ad copy and extensions and direct visitors to quality web pages get rewarded with significant Google advertising discounts.

A recent quality score discount study by AdWords Management agency Search Light Leads found that for every point of quality score improvement, there is a corollary 11% ad cost savings. A business spending $500,000 on paid search could save half their budget with 5 points of quality score improvement and increase their ROI by making their ads more effective.

Do you need help looking up your scores? Take the AdWords Quality Score Challenge.

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