"Create an automated check on MAX RM for identifying a machine that connects on a network"

Hello to everyone,

I am new here so i would really appreciate your help on how to create a script in Powershell or other scripting language, which will monitor client networks and will report when a new computer is joining the network, that does not have MAX RM agent installed.

I guess that this script will work in a similar way that Active Discovery works.

Thanks in advance

created 5 months ago
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Hello, I'm also interested in such a script. I need it for a domain environment. All productive computer have Max RM installed (GP Version). I need to know when a NEW device without MR is being connected to our network. Veronesi 3 months ago
Hello, this should be realatively simple with a PowerShell script, one question though is this environment on a domain or a workgroup? As it will be much simpler to write something for a domain environment m.Polselli 5 months ago

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