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Hey everyone!

I've been using GFI Max for about 3 years now just monitoring a low number of computers. However, I've never done any scripting with the software. I was wondering if that there was a way I could deploy a custom lock screen or login screen to my Windows 10 Machines as a way of a visual representation that i'm monitoring their devices. It would also help me confirm that the clients are communicating successfully when I take a new one under control. Thanks!

I've never used Powershell FYI..

created 13 days ago
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Have you thought about using the System Tray Application? In your dashboard under the settings menu is System Tray Application. This would allow you to customize a sub-menu, and the fact that it was running in the pc's systray would mean your agent is on it. You could leave the default menu option to go to your webpage, or get fancy and have it go to a page that says you are being monitored and here are all the benefits of what we are doing for you. You could probably set up an email link to report issues. None of this would require scripting. John Frihse 11 days ago

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